Sunday, August 29, 2010

Laurie Swim's Studio

On our adventures through the Maritimes we stopped off in Lunenburg and visited Laurie Swim's Studio.  She is a very well known fibre artist from Nova Scotia and I had the opportunity to hear her speak at a local quilt guild in 2008.  It was very inspirational to hear all about her bodies of work and what a fasinating journey she has been on.

Unfortunately Laurie was not in that day but her partner Larry Goldstein was kind enough to come in and open up the studio for us.  What a wonderful man, sharing his time and stories with us!

There were so many wonderful prints of her work that I was having a hard time choosing which one to bring home to my studio.  In the end I chose Magic Hour - Blue Rocks.  Larry indicated that they lived in Blue Rocks and recommended we take the 10 minute drive up there to see where Laurie was inspired to create this work.  Check out her website to see her Quilt Magic Hour and to find out more about Laurie.

Blue Rocks, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

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