Terms & Tips

Machine Quilting Terms
• Edge to Edge - Also known as a Pantograph pattern. Edge to edge is a continuous line design that is quilted from one edge to the other covering the entire quilt, including borders. This is a subtle, economical and effective means of quilting.
•  Stippling/Meandering - An overall random pattern, which can vary in size depending on the quilt and customers preference. This can be used over the entire quilt or to enhance specific areas.
•  Custom Quilting - Anything, which cannot be considered edge to edge. The design is determined in consultation with the customer and may include all of the above techniques or custom designed patterns. Example: Block motifs, feathered borders, MacTavishing, sashing and background fillers. This option may require that the quilt be turned on the machine.

Your backing should be a minimum of four (4) inches larger on all sides then your quilt top. The quality of my quilting is somewhat dependent upon the quality of the fabric provided. For this reason, I cannot accept polyester backing.

How to Prepare Your Quilt Top for Machine Quilting

To get the best possible results for your quilt top, please
• Check all seams for gaps or holes.
• Trim all loose threads
• Make sure the Quilt top is square
• Ensure the borders lay flat and are not wavy
• Press top so that it lays nice and flat
• Indicated top of quilt if necessary (directional fabrics)
• Battings and backings should be a minimum of 4 inches around on all sides
• Backings should be pressed and squared. Removing the salvages prior to piecing as this prevents puckering of your backing.
• Please do not pin or baste your layers together. Layers are mounted individually on the machine