Sunday, March 25, 2012

And the Winner is ...

Thanks to everyone  who visited my site over the past week as part of the Quilting Gallery Quilters Blog Hop and welcome to all my new Blog followers.  It was wonderful hearing all of your kind remarks.

The winner of the random draw is Debra Lee (SD4219).  Congratulations! I will be contacting you shortly by email to get your contact information.

Winner's Choice - SD4219

Over the last week I received over 180 comments about my Snow Dyed fabrics.  Of these, by a wide margin, the three most popular fabrics were:

SD4223 - 24 Votes

SD4217 -  19 Votes

SD4216 - 13 Votes
I am thrilled about the success of the Blog-Hop. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I.  If you didn't win and are still interested in owning one of these fabrics, they are available for sale online at my web site.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Quilter’s Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day - It’s time for a Blog Hop Party! 

st-patricks dayBlog Hop Party
This year I am joining in the fun from the Quilting Gallery Quilter’s Blog Hop Party. 
As part of the Blog Hop, I will be giving away a metre of my custom, snow-dyed fabric to one lucky winner.

How do you participate?  Simply follow this link to the Snow Dyed fabrics on my web site, pick your favourite piece, then return to my blog and leave a comment identifying your choice.  When posting your comment, please sign your name and use your `Member` id or include your email address so I can get back to you!

Then, go to the Quilting Gallery to find more participating blogs and more give-aways!

Blog hopping will start March 17th and last until March 23rd.  I will announce the winner in a post on the 24th chosen by a random draw from all the comments on my blog.

Happy St. Paddy`s Day and Happy Blog Hopping and may the luck of the Irish be with you!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Quilt Shows

Its been so hectic around here lately - and exciting!  I have booked booths at two BC Quilt shows in May.  The Victoria Quilters Guild show in Victoria May 4th, 5th and 6th followed by the Langley Quilt Show May 11th and 12th.  I'll be featuring my Fil-Tech Glide quilting and embroidery thread and bobbins, as well as my own hand-dyed fabrics. 

The hectic part?  I want to produce 250 metres of hand dyed fabric before the shows!  So far I have finished 25m of snow dyes, and another 50m of various styles from single to multi coloured batches. 

Today my friend Marilyn is coming over again to help with 30m of 9-step, 2 colour progressions.  I am happy so far with the results, even if it has taken over the basement/kitchen and other areas of our home.  Its been so windy around here lately that I have even had to hang the fabrics to dry inside to keep them from blowing away.

 Oh well, its only for another few weeks!  I will be moving my fabric dyeing operations out to my new Dye House as soon as we can turn on the outside water.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mystery Quilt Monday - Clue #6

Good Morning Everyone!! 
Here is the last clue to our mystery quilt.  It's been lots of fun doing this for you and I hope you love the results as much as I do.
It's time to put all those beautiful squares together....

Your Frayed Sawtooth Star and Sarah's Choice blocks should measure 10 1/2" square.  Sometimes mine end up a wee bit smaller.  I tend to piece tighter.  That's OK - as long as they are the same size.  So square up those blocks.
Next lay them out as shown below in Fig. 1.
Fig 1.

You will be sewing these together in rows. The blocks should link together at the seams - if not then you may have to rotate Sarah's Choice block one turn.  Keep in mind that the colours on the Frayed Sawtooth Star and all going in the same direction.
Once the rows are pieced you will then sew the rows together.  Make sure you press each row in the opposite direction and then they will all link together.
The centre of the quilt will measure 50 1/2" square.  Yours may be smaller or bigger depending on your squared up block size.  Going forward my instructions will be based on the actual size of the quilt as per a 10 1/2" block.

First border - with colour #3 cut 6 - 2" strips the width of the fabric.  Two of these strips will be cut in half.  Sew one strip plus the half strip together to make an approx. 60" long strip.  Cut two of the strips exactly the length of your quilt - 50 1/2".  Pin to opposite sides and sew down.  Press to the outer edge of the quilt.  Next re-measure.  cut the two remaining strips 53 1/2" long, pin to the opposite sides, sew, press to the outside.

Fig. 3

Second border - with colour #1 cut 4 - 6" strips the length of the fabric.  Cut two of the strips exactly the length of your quilt - 53 1/2". Pin to opposite sides and sew down. Press to the outer edge of the quilt. Next re-measure. cut the two remaining strips 65" long, pin to the opposite sides, sew, press to the outside.


Please send me your pictures of your finished quilts.  I would love to post them on my blog.

Happy Quilting,