Monday, May 23, 2011

Around our garden

I had a visitor stop by this morning on my deck.  There is an abundance of quail in the Summerland area and their babies should be arriving soon. 

All my pots are planted with the help of my niece Candace.  Once the trees fill in it will be a nice place to sit and enjoy the warm summer evenings.

The rhododendrum is in full bloom and if you look closely you will see a robin having a bath in the pond.

It is very enjoyable exploring our new garden.  Every day there is something new to see. Here are a few more pictures from around our garden....

Apple Blossoms

Our Lilac forest at the bottom of the garden

Nectarine tree in bloom


  1. Absolutely stunning!!!!!! Can't wait to come for a visit. Miss you.

  2. What a beautiful setting. One of the things I miss most about living out West are the quail and their babies. So funny to watch!

    Glad you're setting in, Barb. We miss you!