Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fabric Dyeing - Flour Paste Resist

In our January fabric dyeing class we did flour paste resist. I loved the crackle effect you get and can see these fabrics being used in landscape quilts.  I tried it on both white dyers cloth and a piece I had previously dyed a mottled orange.

A mixture of flour and water is made into a paste and brushed onto the fabric and allowed to dry overnight

After the flour dries then you scrunch up the fabric to create cracks in the flour.

My friend Jan is now applying the thickened dyes to the crackled fabric

Burgandy thickened dyes used on this mottled orange piece

Chino thickened dye used on white fabric then over dyed using stormy grey

Stay I have been having too much fun doing some snow dyeing.  I will post the results tomorrow.

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