Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tree of Life Quilt

I fell in love with this quilt. It's out of Edyta Sitar's book Friendship Triangles. The quilt is square - honest - it's just the perspective of where it is hung. I would have to be 7 feet tall to get it to show correctly. I made it out of my stash of batiks and used Eleanor Burns fabulous Half Square Triangle Ruler. It has raw edge appliqué - which I didn't stitch down until I loaded in on my longarm quilting machine which was great because I was able to save a step and I did not have all of that extra stitching on the quilt.

I will be teaching this quilt at The Country Quilter, starting February 26th

Check out my teaching schedule for more upcoming classes.

1 comment:

  1. Can't be square - 2 across and 3 down...? You could make it square by doing just 5 blocks but original pattern is about 40 x 60