Monday, June 21, 2010

Big News!

After over a year operating Cherry Tree Quilts from space rented at the Running Stitch, I have decided to move back into my home studio. I am relocating my machine at the end of June and will be up and running by Monday, 29th June. I will continue to offer quilting services from home as well as instruction through local stores and guilds. Stay tuned for news about classes and other topics of interest.


  1. I`m sooooo happy for you, Barb.

    It sounds like you`re going to be very busy doing what you love to do and do so well. Yaaaaaay!

  2. Congratulations, Barb :-)

    The next phase of your career has now begun, and you will be great!!

  3. You are one step closer to me.....

    Wish list:

    Kara would like a diaper bag
    Brenda would like a quilted bag

    Barb does awesome quilting and one of a kind pieces.