Thursday, October 20, 2011

UFO Friday!!

I did miss last Friday's post but I have a very good reason.  I was down in Portland Oregon for the week taking in MQX - Machine Quilters Expo.  It was a great time - meeting new people, enjoying the vendors (always in need of new thread!!) and admiring the beautiful quilts.

I was actually creating new UFO's to add to my list.  Here are some of the projects I started and hope to finish soon.

I took a Painted Faces course with Bonnie McCaffrey (check out her website - ).  It was a long day but the results were worth it.  Lots of fun and I am already planning my next Painted Faces Quilt - although I should finish the first one.

Another great class I took was Sharon Schambers Piec-lique' Class and we made the French Country block.  I used my hand dyed fabrics and I am really thrilled with the results.  All that's needed is a little quilting and binding and it's done.  I hope to finish this in the next week. I love taking classes with Sharon.  She is a lovely lady and it's always fun just taking a class where you can just relax and do a bit of sewing.  Here is her website:

The third class that I really enjoyed was Claudia Pfeil's longarm class where we did some really nice background fills and then couched with the longarm along the divisions with some Razzle Dazzle thread and a bit of yarn around the edges.  I just finished the quilting and couching today and have the binding left to do.  Here is Claudia's website:  Check out her award winning quilts.  They are very impressive.

I was also really inspired by Norma Riehm.  She does some great work layering fabrics, yarns, threads, flowers and creates some beautiful fabrics which she uses for art quilts, hand bags and clothing.  I am off to the yarn store tomorrow to build up my stash as I can't wait to try her methods of creating fabric.  So beautiful.  Here is her web address:

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